Owned.Black was created by first cousins Brian R. Lambert and Carlas Williams Owned.Black is an Idea that is birthed through the experience of being a black American. Normally when you hear the description or feelings of a black American, our being is often associated with the words, “Disenfranchised”, “minority” thug” “criminal.”

We are presented as lazy people who are waiting for handouts. It is very rare that you will hear the words that describe the spirit that resides within all of us. It is even rarer that you are given the knowledge that the foundations for math, astrology, science, and medicine were created by us, “Black people,” You are resililioant, you are inventive, you are innovative. You are intelligent , you are creative, entertaining and folks in many cases you dominate.

See what’s crazy is we’re not allowed to say these things. We’re not preachers, or actors, We’re just regular dudes from the hood who realize that “We” are the culture.

We set the trends. All you have to do is tell them. They know your style is impeccable, they know you think outside of the box, and they know you have the ability to make something out of nothing. Emotions are used to control our actions because at the deepest of our cores we are caring people. Your money matters so care about where you spend it. 

Owned.Black was created for the purpose of being a directory for black owned businesses.